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Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program

Providing an interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary Turkey in connection with global developments

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Our community is the core of the program. Learn more about the Keyman program's visitors, affiliates and leadership.
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Scholars and students interested in Turkish studies can explore research opportunities, including grant and fellowship opportunities.
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Discover courses taught by our staff and affiliates. Subjects range from sociology to history.
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Keyman Podcast Series

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program Podcast is a platform scholars of contemporary Turkey to talk about their academic work and its social and political implications. It's hosted by postdoctoral fellow Deniz Duruiz. To know when the latest episode has been posted, follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes.
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Turkish Courses

Turkish is considered a "critical foreign language" by the US Department of State. Turkish speakers are in high demand for work in both government and the nonprofit sector. Turkish is one of the globe's 15 most widely-spoken first languages. About 80 MILLION people speak Turkish as their first language.