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Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program

Providing an interdisciplinary understanding of contemporary Turkey in connection with global developments

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Our community is the core of the program. Learn more about the Keyman program's visitors, affiliates and leadership.
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Scholars and students interested in Turkish studies can explore research opportunities, including grant and fellowship opportunities.
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Discover courses taught by our staff and affiliates. Subjects range from sociology to history.
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Annual Conference

On October 18–19, the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies program hosted the interdisciplinary conference, Education in Turkey. Scholars examined questions like, "What principles guide Turkish education policy?", "How does infrastructure affect access to education?" and "Who decides what children learn in schools?"

Artwork of students in classroom. Artwork by Nezir Akkul.

Youth and Education in Turkey

How these policy choices are affecting schools, students and the quality of education in the country is a big question at the moment, but will also have long-lasting effects in shaping generations to come. The future of Turkey lies in how it raises its children.”

Ayça Alemdaroglu, associate director, Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program

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What's New

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Workshop: Islamist Movements in Indonesia and Turkey: Mobilization, Islamization, and Legitimacy

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Scott Hall, 601 University Place

This one day workshop aims to bring together scholars on Indonesia and Turkey to have a fruitful conversation regarding ...


Study abroad at Koç University


In this exchange program, students enroll directly at Koç University and take classes with local and other international students. The program is open to students from all majors, and students have access to a wide range of course offerings in social sciences, humanities, economics and engineering. For further details, visit Northwestern Undergraduate Learning Abroad.