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Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program Podcast

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program Podcast is a platform scholars of contemporary Turkey to talk about their academic work and its social and political implications. It's hosted by postdoctoral fellow Deniz Duruiz. To know when the latest episode has been posted, follow us on Soundcloud, iTunes , Stitcher, and Spotify.

Podcast Episodes

Podcast: Ceren Lord

Podcast: Ceren Lord

Ceren Lord, British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Middle East Studies at the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies, discusses her book, Religious Politics in Turkey: From the Birth of the Republic to the AKP, in which she questions the view of the grassroots Islamist movements as natural challengers of the authoritarian secular state in a novel way based both on her archival research and the interviews she conducted with state officials, influential religious figures, and the employees of the Presidency of Religious Affairs (diyanet).

Podcast: Can Candan

Podcast: Can Candan

Can Candan, acclaimed independent documentary filmmaker and professor of film and media studies, discusses the changing conditions of academic and artistic production in Turkey in the last few years. This episode was recorded on January 24th, 2019, and since this time the situation for academics has escalated.

Podcast: Elizabeth Nolte

Podcast: Elizabeth Nolte University of Warwick scholar Elizabeth Nolte discusses her paper, "Children’s Literature and the Struggle Over Cultural Literacy," which was presented in the panel on education as a field of political contestation at the 2018 Keyman conference.


Podcast: Çetin Çelik

Podcast: Çetin Çelik Çetin Çelik of Koç University discusses his paper, "Social class, institutional habitus and high school choices in Turkey," which was presented in the panel on social class and reproduction at the 2018 Keyman conference.