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Keyman Postdoctoral Fellow

duruiz-postdoc-page1.jpgAbout Deniz Duruiz 

Deniz Duruiz is the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at Northwestern University. She received her PhD in anthropology from Columbia University. For her doctoral dissertation, she conducted ethnographic research with Kurdish migrant farmworkers and Syrian refugees, both in the Kurdish region and at twelve different worksites in western Turkey. She is currently working on her book project, which examines political violence in the Kurdish region and the resulting racialized and regionally divided class formation in Turkey through this migrant labor practice. Her postdoctoral research explores the Syrian experience of migration to Europe with a focus on labor both as a category of political economy and as an embodied everyday practice. Her research interests include ethnicity, race, and racialization, the nation-state and statelessness, capitalism, racialized labor regimes, political economy of war, intra-national and transnational migration, gender, kinship, psychoanalysis, and affect theory. She is also the creator and the host of the Keyman Podcast.