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Grants and Awards

Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Grants

The Buffett Institute, with generous support from the Keyman Modern Turkish Studies Program, provides research grants in modern Turkish studies.

Grant recipients

Recent Recipients

In response to current pandemic challenges, the program awarded special summer grant funding for dissertation writing and doctoral research to Keyman Affiliated Northwestern University graduate students:

  •  Melike Arslan
  • Şeyma Kabaoğlu
  • Özge Karagöz
  • Hazal Özdemir
  • Aydın Özipek
  • İdil Özkan

Previous recipients

*Currently we are not accepting applications. However, we may take applications again in the future. To see if you'd be eligible and learn how to apply, visit our Apply section.

Other Turkish Language Grants

There are other avenues for receiving funding in Turkish studies. 

Learn about other Turkish Language grant recipients and their research